How To Succeed In AP Courses


Taking up Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school have been found to be beneficial for students. It was reported that AP courses not only provides real-life college-level academics experience to students, these also give them a chance to amass credits before graduating from high school. Moreover, these may save students money on college tuition in the long run.

AP courses in high school are offered in a variety of subjects like chemistry, music theory, physics and calculus. At the end of each course, students are given the option to take a standardized, 5-point exam.

Getting a score of at least a 3 usually allows a student exemption from taking the same course again in college. This varies by university and subject, though.

According to U.S. News, students should not fear AP classes. The publication also shared five keys on how to succeed in these courses.

1. Know what is needed of you.

Students should prepare and know what the teacher expects of you. AP courses closely resemble college classes and will need to take up a lengthy curriculum in a compressed period of time.

2. Don't procrastinate.

Students should complete their work each day for both in-class assignments and homework. Again, AP courses are pressed for time and must be fast-paced.

3. Prepare for all types of tests.

While the primary focus of AP courses is the AP exam, students should still study for other tests in the class. This is because, even if you fail or succeed in the AP exam, students will still receive a grade in the course.

4. Find other materials.

There are a lot of resources out there. Students can look for the most common and well-regarded prep books for the subject they are enrolled in. Test prep books are not a substitute for the class but it's a supplement.

5. Look for deeper meanings in class content.

In AP courses, it takes more than knowing the basic facts about a subject to pass. Students should learn how to find deeper meanings, motivations and connections in class content.

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