Career Planning In College: 3 Steps To Get Noticed By Hiring Managers On LinkedIn


It seems as if it's getting more difficult for fresh graduates to land a job immediately after college. Hiring is so competitive and companies are seeking more from applicants.

There are a lot of tools out there that can help graduates with their job search. One of the most common and popular apps is LinkedIn. The professional social network allows users to follow companies and institutions for hiring updates, connect with colleagues as well as widen their network.

USA Today shared three steps on what fresh graduates can do on LinkedIn to get noticed by hiring managers. Following these can help ensure that you can build your brand, grow your network and land jobs.

1. Think like a boss.

LinkedIn boasts of millions of users. To make your profile stand out to hiring managers, it needs to be found first. Recruiters and business owners usually don't have time to go through several applications to find the right candidate for the vacant role. Instead, they take the more direct route and use the search box.

To land the job you want, it's best to have critical keywords in your Headline and Summary as well as Experience and Skills sections. Make sure to have as many connections in the industry you are aiming to be a part of.

2. Make a great first impression.

After you have managed to land the top search spot, make sure that the hiring manager actually clicks on your profile and not skip over to the next person. Market yourself. Make a great first impression with a professional yet charismatic profile photo. Top it off with an eye-catching headline that highlights your achievements and skills.

3. Keep it concise but interesting and accurate.

Remember that the hiring manager still has to go through several profiles in his or her search. Make things easy for her by putting vital information in the Summary section. Also, make sure that your previous or current title and company is easily understandable. Recommendations are also very useful since it comes from people who have seen your performance on the jobs that you've handled.

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