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'Elder Scrolls 6' Gameplay Update: Improved Features Takes Inspiration From Quests Of 'Taking Divinity: Original Sin,' 'Dark Souls' [More]?


"Elder Scrolls 6" developer Bethesda reportedly aims to produce an improvement on its features as fans of the game reported issues on the fifth instalment of the franchise. For some inspiration, here are 5 phenomenal RPGs which Bethesda could learn from as they continue the development of "Elder Scrolls 6."

"Taking Divinity: Original Sin"

"Elder Scrolls" players have reported issues on broken quests which has become an almost game-breaking frustration, Gamespot reported. "Taking Divinity: Original Sin's" approach to having multiple solutions for the same quests would be a solid resolution to eliminating broken quests in "Elder Scrolls 6."

"Legend of Grimrock"

"Legend of Grimrock," on the other hand, can teach "Elder Scrolls 6" how to implement complex and inventive puzzles into a more modern and action-oriented gameplay. "Legend of Grimrock" actually features enticing challenges that utilize classic RPG troops which feels genuinely satisfying to fulfill.

"Deus Ex's Human Revolution and Mankind Divided"

The "Elder Scrolls 6" could also adopt a similar system that highlights the styles suited to every situation in the game. This is what happens in "Deus Ex's Human Revolution and Mankind Divided." In both games, two players are in control of a perspective mechanic that switches between the two players for different sections which is reportedly a great system.

"Planescape: Torment"

Since exploration of the open world would always be an enticing feature for many RPG gamers, adding an enticing story for the main quest is recommended. That being said, "Elder Scrolls 6" developer should look to "Planescape: Torment" for a clear example of a good narrative that drives players into the game. "Planescape: Torment" players navigate through different planes to recover the memories and the identity of their tormented hero, which could encourage exploration of the game.

"Dark Souls"

"Elder Scrolls 6" could also take some inspiration from the famous game, "Dark Souls." As players recently look for more challenging games, "Elder Scrolls 6" developers may check on the hulking creatures and mysterious spectres that haunt the planes in "Dark Souls'" trilogy. "Dark Souls" is full of combat and challenges that players need to battle with to enter each stage, Eurogamer reported. Watch the predicted "Elder Scrolls 6" gameplay here.

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