'Legends of Tomorrow'' season 2 spoilers: EP Phil Klemmer Reveals Lance Henriksen Is Cast As An LGBT Character [VIDEO]


The upcoming new season for The CW's ensemble DC superhero show, "Legends of Tomorrow," is already a big deal with unveiling the inclusion of the "Justice Society of America." Now, a report from Comic Book Resources, states that actor Lance Henriksen, well-known for being in the "Aliens" movie franchise, has been cast to play the role of "Obsidian" in season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow.

Henriksen was introduced as a new addition to the cast at the recently ended Television Critics Association summer press tour. In addition, Phil Klemmer, showrunner of Legends of Tomorrow gave out few more details regarding the upcoming season. In the comics, Todd Rice AKA Obsidian, is a gay charcter. So, fans have been wondering as to whether Todd's sexual orientation would remain the same as in the comics. Could fans very well seen another gay superhero, following "Arrow's" inclusion of the superhero, "Mister Terrific" who is openly gay, both in the comics and in the TV-verse?

As clarification, Klemmer confirmed in a recent interview with KSiteTV that the character Obsidian will have the same sexual preference as his original comic character. He also added that while they still haven't written an episode with him in it yet, it was always their intention to portray him as faithful to his comic book counterpart as possible.

There have also been clarifications regarding the impending confrontation between Sarah Lance and Arrow seasons 4 main antagonist, Damien Darhk. Back in season 4 Darhk was able to kill Sarah's sister, the female vigilante "Black Canary," while she and the rest of Team Arrow were pursuing Darhk in a prison. Klemmer claims that a confrontation between Sarah and Darhk is inevitable and interesting. He also added that the leadership role that Sarah will play in the upcoming season is unexpected, but it is clear that she and Rip Hunter had a great dynamic, and that she may have been unintentionally groomed into a leader throughout their adventures.

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