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Apple iOS 9.3.4 Jailbreak Pangu could be The Last Version; Hackers to Focus on iOS 10 Jailbreak; Released Soon?


Apple recently rolled out iOS 9.3.5 patch that is said to improve security system from any spyware. And the latest iOS 9.3 Pangu jailbreak is now useless with the deployment of this new update.

iOS 10 jailbreak Pangu released soon?

Apple and the jailbreakers are like Tom and Jerry - after releasing an updated iOS 9 version, Pangu hackers seem to learn its way to jailbreak the device. And the Cupertino-based company seems to step up their games when it comes to fixing the security issue.

And now that the latest iOS update could cause Pangu's jailbreaking tool useless, the hackers might shift to iOS 10 jailbreak soon.

Previously, the jailbreaker team has demoed iOS 10 security issue in a conference in China. It was a surprise for the viewers since iOS 10 was in beta mode during the time. During the event, the team demonstrated Cydia in an Apple device that runs iOS 10 beta. Since then, many have speculated that Pangu could release the jailbreak tool for iPhone 7 even before it is launched.

iOS 10 jailbreak release date: Pangu might roll out the jailbreaking tool in October

The Chinese hackers could release the jailbreak for iOS 10, one month after the iPhone 7 is launched in September this year. This means, users should be able to download Pangu's iOS 10 jailbreaking tool in October 2016, Yibada reported.

iOS jailbreak 9.3.4 could be the last version of jailbreak by Pangu?

Currently, GameNGuide noticed that the jailbreaking tools iOs 9.2- iOS 9.3.3 are useless with the release of the latest update by Apple. Of course, Apple will likely to update the system with a few more security layers to prevent any jailbreaking tools.

While the previous updated iOS versions were meant to protect the device from hacker's exploits; it is reported that the iOS 9.3.5 is specifically updated for tackling a recent issue on NSO group who managed to intruded the system and tracked information from journalists, NY Times reported.

Do you think Pangu will likely release iOS 10 jailbreak in October? Do you think there will be any iOS 9.3.4 jailbreak or the hacker will skip it?

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