Affordable Education At University Of Virginia: Student Claims Bargain Enrollment


Phoebe Willis, a current student of the University of Virginia Law School feels impacted by the rising cost of higher education. She is currently the student representative on the University of Virginia Board of Visitors.

She explains that she witnessed the increase of this cost nationwide. Willis states that it is hard to keep up with the rising cost. For her, it does not matter which school because enrolling in a four year course in a university or college brings a financial burden to anyone.

"I understand the privilege of attending the University of Virginia, which provides a first-class education at a fraction of the cost of its peer group colleges and universities," Willis says to Roanoke.

She tells everyone that Virginia has tons of nationally ranked colleges and universities, even within the public system. She describes University of Virginia's focus as one towards excellence. The school drives an impressive rank of students, faculty, resources and administrators in the whole Virginia public colleges and universities.

In the public university ranking, University of Virgina is ranked third. Willis explains that the tuition in UVa is thought to be the highest in the whole state when it comes to public schools. She claims that UVa is not the most expensive public school in the state. Because of the school's strong alumni support, they are able to create excellent programs and student experiences.

"This alumni and other donor support closes the wide gap between the cost of operating UVa and the income derived from tuition," explains Phoebe.

She stresses that keeping costs down for everyone is one of the Board's focus. Willis concludes that she is proud to be part of University of Virginia, a school where the cost of a degree shows a significant financial commitment. And a school that pushes excellence. As the school's student representative in the Board of Visitors, she expresses her confidence on the matter.

Watch the promo video below of University of Virginia's welcoming the class of 2020:

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