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Hillary Clinton Caught Between Two Camps On Education


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is caught between two opposing groups. One group consists of the teachers' unions and the other, the reformists who disagree on issues regarding school choice and teacher accountability. When it comes to K-12, Hillary Clinton is caught in the middle.

One group wants a looser hold on teacher accountability measures while the reformists supports the opposite of that, according to CBS News. Hillary Clinton is trying to balance the two out after the long and challenging road already placed by United States President Barack Obama and former Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Clinton wants to balance both groups and at the same time continue Obama's legacy. To note, Obama endorses and supports Clinton's run for the next president.

When it comes to the discussion on education, the teachers' unions have been vocal about Obama's education agenda. Because of their distress, Duncan resigned. Even Duncan's replacement, which Obama chose, was not well received. John King also advocates teacher accountability.

If Clinton gets elected for president, her specific agenda when it comes to education will be pushed. She will need to address these issues.

"Hillary Clinton has made K-12 education a staple of her campaign, and as president, will continue to work to ensure that every child receives a world class education, regardless of their zip code...That's why she's supported by the AFT, NEA, educators, students, and parents across the country," says Randi Weingarten.

Clinton stands firm on her K-12 implementation. But she has not addressed teacher accountability and expansion of charter schools. Clinton has not yet addressed issues surrounding the teachers' unions and the reformists when it comes to her education policies. According to Shavar Jeffries, the president of the influential reformist group Democrats for Education Reform, he wants Clinton to carry on Obama's legacy and tackle the challenges that come with it.

Want to hear Clinton's plan on education? Watch this video below:

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