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Digital Education Breakthrough: 'Paperless Classroom Apps' Help Students to Get Higher Grades? Here's How!


Today, a debate on which is better between traditional and modern teaching is still on the process. There are educational institutions that thrive so hard to embrace the latest technology and integrate it to their teachings while there are others that left with the traditional ones. Is it true that modern teaching can help students to be more creative? How can these paperless classroom apps help in leveraging the student's apprehension?

A school teacher in Tupelo Middle School named Tina Fitts was reportedly to almost running a paperless classroom using Google applications. According to the report of DJournal, Fitts' eight grade-students can access their homework and assignments through Google as well as the submission of their reading responses. Fitts said during the interview that it helps in bringing out the students creativity into the spotlight since they love doing their assignments in the palm of their hands through the use of mobile phones. Fitts is using the paperless classroom apps for two years now.

In relative to that, Teach Thought website has listed possible paperless classroom apps that can be used by the teachers for their students. Among the listed apps are ten important applications that are useful such Evernote, Google Drive, Kindle, Note Taker HD, Teacher Kit, Nearpod, Gradebook Pro, Class Manager, Microsoft One Note for iPad, Daily Notes + Tasks and Microsoft Office Mobile.

On the other hand, Jalt Publications identified some disadvantages of a Google-Centric classroom specifically using paperless classroom apps. First, it has possible implications on the student's learning curve for the reason that iPad devices specifically not designed for instructional and educational materials. Second, uploading and storage hindrances since the storage of these devices are not able to last for the entire schooling years. Third, students' attention may divert from the teachers to the devices with the inclusion of social media now a days. In conclusion, using the paperless classroom app has its own fair share of pros and cons. Innovation in teaching pedagogy is the deemed solution to accommodate the inclusion of technology to teaching methodology.

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