HBX Director Patrick Mullane Shares Tips For Career Transitions - Part 2


Patrick Mullane runs HBX, Harvard Business School's online education program which aims to integrate technology with the expertise of their faculty to share their passion to a wider range of students. The school believes that "education should be cerebral but it should also be riveting, kinetic, social and mind-bending."

It was previously reported that HBX director Patrick Mullane came from a military background. After his time with public service, though, he found out that he was well-prepared in some areas but under-prepared in others.

He shared tips on what he learned from his transition from military service to the private sector. First, those who want to change career paths should re-acquaint themselves with business fundamentals. Second is to review and rewrite their resume, highlighting skills and experiences that you have gained with your past job which you can contribute to your future company.

In another HBX blog post, Mullane emphasized on the importance of networking. He focused on how technology helps with education as well as connecting with others. "HBX has built peer help features into its platform and uses closed Facebook pages to foster cooperation, communication, and networking, so connecting to others happens while you are learning," he wrote.

Mullane also described LinkedIn as a "critical tool" for career transitions. Use its advanced search feature to search a larger network.

"Use the search area on the left side of the screen to find people who share common experiences with you," he added. "If you are transitioning out of the military, sending a note to fellow alums through the LinkedIn system explaining that you are a veteran leaving the service and are looking for introductions into a certain industry or region can be very, very effective."

Lastly, the HBX director urged students to stay updated on the school's web page. Recruiters usually post jobs on an educational institution's website. The career development office also offers services to alumni.

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