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iPhone 8 Rumors, Specs: iPhone 8 Features Edgeless Display With No Home Button In 2017 As iPhone 7 Nears Release?


The iPhone 8 in 2017 is going to have marvelous features specifically the display and the mechanical home button. The report also added that Apple is already working on a major redesign for the iPhone in 2017.

The previous sources indicated that the mechanical home button in the iPhone 8 will be integrated with the display above other touch-sensitive sensors that vibrate when pressed, Bloomberg reported. The upcoming iPhone 8 vibration will give its users the illusion that the button can be depressed even though it is completely stationary. The same vibrating scheme was used by Apple on the track pads of its MacBooks.

Apple has since replaced its original iPhone prototypes from 2006 with its curved displa. However, they decided to completely abandon the design because of the prohibitive cost and design constraints. The iPhone 8 may be what Apple was initially hoping to come up with, which is an OLED iPhone model before accelerating their product roadmap to offset a predicted stall in iPhone sales. The iPhone 8 is said to replace the home button with a spectacular edge to edge display with a curved OLED display.

The iPhone 2017 model, on the other hand, will be an all-new form factor completely getting rid of the chin and forehead of its phone. In the main face of the device, a Touch ID sensor in the display will be integrated, as well as an improved front-facing camera, speaker and all sensors behind the display, John Gruber shared with Daring Fireball reported.  For now it remains unclear whether all iPhone 8 models will come out with this display or only the Pro model will.

The iPhone 8, or whatever it will be called in 2017, is going to come as a major revamp. The iPhone 7, on the other hand, which will be released next month is rumored to look like its predecessor.

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