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'Dark Souls 3' DLC Arrives Aug. 24 [TODAY] With Improved Maps, Weapons, Tough Bosses; 'Dark Souls 4' MAY Come In 5 Years?


"Dark Souls 3" expansion pack is expected to be released on Aug. 24, Wednesday  according to a Twitter post from the team behind the game.The said tweet teased a big announcement for "Dark Souls 3" but no specific information has been revealed yet.

Rumors claim that the upcoming surprise will be the much awaited and first major downloadable content (DLC) for "Dark Souls 3." The first two DLC packs are actually anticipated by the game's fans, VineReport reported.

The first ever "Dark Souls 3" DLC is suggested to feature improved maps, high-end weapons, tough bosses and skills and abilities that will be available for players to use, GameSpot reported. The upcoming announcement is rumored to be some sort of a merchandise move. The developer is expected to team up with Sony and reveal some planned add-ons to the game.

Meanwhile, "Dark Souls 3" may no longer be followed by a fourth sequel. Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki explained that there will no longer be "Dark Souls 4" coming in the future as they have already finished the franchise. Miyazaki also said that there are no plans of any spin-offs or tie-ins for the game right now.

Miyazaki continued to add that the fate of the "Dark Souls" franchise may depend on those who would want to continue working on the game. He said that if one day, a From Software developer comes to him and begged him five years from now, to make another "Dark Souls," then he will not rule out the possibilities to let his subordinates start a new project. With this being said, "Dark Souls 3" may still be followed by another "Dark Souls" project in the near future

"Dark Souls 3" developers From Software and Bandai Namco have not commented on what lies ahead of the game. The first ever DLC may just be one of the possibilities to be revealed in the major announcement. However, nothing is sure yet on what is in store for the fans of "Dark Souls 3." Watch "Dark Souls 3" trailer here.

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