The New York Times Cyberbreach: Attacks Targeting Journalists, Seeking Government's Sensitive Data; World-Class News Organization is Hacked Once Again?

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Hackers reportedly infiltrate the world-class news organization, The New York Times

Hackers behind DNC could be behind the attacks

A few months ago, cyber attack in the Democratic National Committee computers has led to its many officials' resignation. The reports suspect the same group of Russian hackers' involvement in NY Times cyberbreach. According to New York Times, the cyber attack is currently under FBI investigation.

Many of cyber espionage analysts have mentioned web-based attacks done by the Russians. There have been many cyber attacks particularly targeting NATO and Departments of State and Defense.

So far, Russian hackers have successfully exposing many sensitive information of the United States including hacking the systems inside The White House and sending the data to Wikileaks.

The New York Times recent cyberbreach is not the first time

Journalists at the New York Times are connected to high-level sources in the government. Hence, there is a strong evidence that the Russian hackers want to spy on any great deal of information from the journalists. Richard Clarke, chief counter-terrorism advisor under George W. Bush, spoke to ABC News, saying that the Russian intelligence might want to find out who are the sources in Russia that give information to these American journalists.

Hackers have always aimed at NY Times building to obtain sensitive data and this is not the first attack. In 2013, hackers from China managed to breach the networks and gain access to reporters' personal accounts, Wired wrote. The Chinese hackers were reportedly searching for information related to the country's prime minister. The installed malware was finally discovered after it had been inside the system for four months.

Another hacker group who named themselves Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) was also responsible for the attack in April 2013 when it tweeted false information right from Associated Press account, FoxNews reported. The team also attacked the webs of high-profile media including NY Times, Washington Post and BBC.

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