MIT Researchers Create A Technique Beyond AR: The Future of Gaming could Rely on This Tech!


Inside the university's Computer Science and AI Lab, MIT researchers have been working on something beyond AR.

The latest MIT invention is the new technology that enables viewers to pull or push objects in videos

Currently, video is not a medium that allow viewers to 'touch' the objects. Hence, the researchers develop Interactive Dynamic Video. It captures objects in a new way using a camera and with the help of computer algorithms.

Analyzing the vibration modes - they created an interactive dynamic video that can make them virtually interact with the object. Demonstrating the result in a video, a researcher pulls the object's hand and foot using mouse control. Scientists identified the shapes and frequencies of the modes so that the object's next acts or moves can be predicted.

Interactive Dynamic Video and its many benefits

According to the team, the simulation is not perfect yet but it leads to many possibilities in art and engineer industries. The researchers hope that the Interactive Dynamic Video system can be used by architect to check building's structure condition. And filmmakers may no longer rely on complex computer graphics in the future to visualize the impact of a monster invasion in the city.

MIT researchers mention "Pokemon GO" AR game

The craze of Pokemon Go is the result of AR technology used in the game. The interactive video technique can also be applied in Pokemon Go to enhance experience. Lead author, Abe Davis, wants us to think about Pikachu that shows up from the bush. The cute monster could interact with the real environments.

Think floating Pokémons in AR game Pokemon Pokémon Go. Dropping virtual characters into real-world environments can be enhanced by actually enabling them to realistically interact with their environment. Davis demonstrated how the technique could be used to let Pikachu bounce around on a bush or a jungle gym.

What's great about this tech is that it will not cost a fortune. According to researchers, it helps to reduce the cost in the making of interactive VR. If the technologies are combined, then players can have better gaming experience since they can engage in two-way interaction.

The Interactive Dynamic Video research is published in MIT website.

For more detailed explanation on MIT's Interactive Dynamic Video, watch the video below!

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