'Blade Runner 2' News & Spoilers: Jared Leto Has Been Cast. Rumored To Be A Replicant. [VIDEO]


Although the 1982 "Blade Runner" has not been a success from a financial standpoint, but as critics have said, the film was so ahead of its time, that a cult following was only logical. Now after more than 3 decades, fans of the sci-fi tech-noire movie will finally get a sequel in "Blade Runner 2."

There has been a lot of mystery regarding the sequel, especially with the title of the movie being still unknown. While the title is still in the works, casting seems to be in full gear as reports have surfaced regarding who will be coming back to the sequel, and new cast members being added to the still unknown plot.

It has already been established that Harrison Ford who portrayed the protagonist "Rick Deckard" in the 1982 Blade Runner film, is coming back for the sequel to reprise his role, as well as the addition of talents such as Ryan Gosling who starred in the well-received film, "The Nice Guys." Also, according to Maxim, "Suicide Squad" actor, Jared Leto has also been cast for an unknown role in the Blade Runner sequel, adding even more star power to the upcoming "Denis Villeneuve" film.

Leto, who played the iconic Batman villain, "The Joker" has been brought on to play an unspecified role in Blade Runner 2, but rumors do point that Leto may play the role of a replicant. According to PJ Media, Jared Leto might be brought into to the film to act more like the antagonist replicant, "Roy Batty," who was played by actor Rutger Hauer in the original Blade Runner. This move seems to make sense as Leto could be the type of actor that could bring that type of gravitas that Hauer has brought to the first Blade Runner. Leto is well-known for method acting, and would fit well with the type of dystopian world that the movie is theoretically based upon.

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