Tommy Lee Jones Was A Harvard Graduate Before He Was A Man In Black


He looks like he knows more than you and his deadpan face looks like he will shoot you down. That is the aura Tommy Lee Jones puts out when he looks straight at you. But did you know that he was a Harvard Graduate?

He looks intelligent and always takes on the role of someone of authority or power, cites The Richest. But he came from small and humble beginnings. He was the son of a police officer mom and an oil field working father. He was enrolled in Harvard on a need-based scholarship. He even saw Al Gore as a classmate.

In Harvard, he graduated as a cum laude. He majored in English. He received his degree as a Bachelor of Arts major in 1969. In addition, he was described to be a star player in the varsity football team in 1968.

At a young age, the San Saba, Texas local attended the Robert E. Lee High School. When he lived in Dallas, he graduated from the St. Mark's School of Texas. He attended on a scholarship program. It is interesting to note that he now serves as one of the board of directors in hat school.

When he was in Harvard, Tommy Lee Jones recounts his senior theses on The Mechanics of Catholicism in the works of Flannery O'Connor.

Later on, he made his first break out performance in Broadway in 1969. It was his first acting gig. After that, he landed his first movie role as, coincidentally, a Harvard student, in Love Story.

His most recent movie was a Central Intelligence Chief in the latest Bourne Trilogy film. Although his eyes are deep and his age shows, most still praise him for his work and acting talent. From Men In Black to Broadway, Tommy Lee Jones is a legend in his own right.

The video below shows Harvard paying a tribute to Tommy Lee Jones:

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