'The Flash' Season 3 News & Spoilers: Two More Villains Are Added For Season 3 [VIDEO]


The 2016 San Diego Comic Con trailer of season 3 of The CW's "The Flash" has pretty much establish that the Reverse Flash will be present in "Flashpoint," and several other reports like an article from Collider that had confirmed that Gorilla Grodd and Gorilla City will make an appearance in the future episodes of the season. Now, According to The Mary Sue, 2 more villains will be added to the upcoming season's rogues gallery.

The Flash will be returning in a couple of months, with an impending 2-part musical episodes along the line with "Supergirl," but before that, the "Scarlet Speedster" has to overcome 2 new adversaries. According to ScreenRant, actress Joey King from "The Conjuring" and "White House Down" has been confirmed to play the role of a metahuman called "Magenta." In the comics, Magenta is a metahuman with power of magnetism, giving her the ability to manipulate magnetic fields. She also has the ability to cause electronic equipments and systems to malfunction. She also can create a magnetic aura to enable her to fly.

Another villain that has been added is The Top, to be portrayed by Ashley Rickards of the CW show, "One Tree Hill." The Top is a lower-level thief in the comics, with a fascination and obsession with spinning tops, which then drove him to teach himself how to spin at high velocity, which in turn give him the ability to deflect oncoming projectiles like bullets. The comics also finds The Top building a relationship with the sister of Captain Cold, Golden Glider, a recurring character in the CW Flash-verse, and portrayed by actress Peyton List. While it is is still unclear of whether the showrunners would pursue this storyline for her, the only thing that's sure is that Barry will have his hands full with dealing with Flashpoint, and stopping the 2 newly added villains.

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