‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers: Will Iris West Have The Same Profession In ‘Flashpoint’ Story? [VIDEO]


The CW's "The Flash" is not only a good superhero series, it is also a fun one. And a factor that constitutes the fun is the fact that the showrunners can very much explore every possibilities there is because of the existence if time travel and multiple Earths in their universe.

A 2-part episode season 2 of The Flash saw Team Star Labs visit Earth-2, and fans have been delighted and surprised to learn that Iris West, played by actress Candice Patton is a cop. This is also the case for several Flash characters in Earth-2, some of which turned into villains. Now that "Flashpoint" is being adapted for season 3 of the CW show, could fans very well see Iris in a much different profession from what she has been in.

In a report by IB Times, Todd Helbing, executive producer of The Flash, unveiled to TVline that Iris will still retain her journalism career, much similar to what she had before the change in timeline in Earth-1. Todd also mentions that aside from journalism, Iris will also be doing something on the side.

The original timeline has Iris working at the Central City Picture News, in which her job seems to revolve around covering news that is related to The Flash, played by actor Grant Gustin. Aaron Helbing also added that Iris is always constant in the Flash universe, and that whatever shift happens with the timeline or the multiple Earths the Barry-Iris dynamic will always be present, but with slight differences.

According to an article by Screen Rant, from what was revealed in the season 3 2016 Comic Con trailer for The Flash, it was made known that Flashpoint involves Barry not growing up with Iris, due to both his parents being alive, but Todd states that Barry and Iris will ultimately find each other.

Season 3 of The CW's "The Flash" will be back on air on October 4.

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