Cindy Crawford’s Age Does Not Show That She’s A Chemical Engineer

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We see them strutting on the catwalk and taking their poses for the camera. But behind these beauties, they do have brains. It is a stereotype for most and Hollywood does not dip into that specific area but for models like Cindy Crawford, she hides the fact that she is secretly smart.

Did you know that Cindy Crawford was a high school valedictorian? She attended the Northwestern University on an academic scholarship. She, however, had to drop it. Crawford decided to pursue a modeling career at the time. Brit describes Crawford to have "as much brains as she is beauty."

Born in 1966, this retired model gained international success. She was named as one of the five Supermodels and she was one of the 100 Hottest Women of All Time.

It was her trademark mole, the one located above her lip, that earned her a spot in the industry. Throughout her whole career, she has appeared on hundreds of magazine covers. But she was not always the "it" girl. She was a normal average girl. It was during her sophomore year in high school that turned her life around. It started as a joke. Her high school class mates pranked her by calling her up. They said that a local clothing store wanted her to be their model. That prank turned into reality the next year. The actual store hired a number of high school girls to become their models. It included Crawford. Her first cover was with photographer Roger Legel. He was shooting for a college girl look for the Dekalb Nie Weekly. The feedback received were positive and she decided to pursue modeling.

After graduating from Dekalb High School in 1984 as the valedictorian, she went on to Northwestern University but dropped out after one quarter.

She did not say if she has plans of picking up her education again but in her tenure as a model, she has gained multiple successes in business, beauty and philanthropy.

Watch the inspiring video below of Cindy Crawford, talking about beauty and brains:

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