Google Nexus Phone 2016 Rumor: Leaked HTC Docs for FCC Certification do not Mention Sailfish or Marlin; Phone Released Soon?


The rumors that HTC will be releasing Google Nexus Phone 2016 might be true. A recent leak on the corporation's two document submitted to FCC for a review, mentions about Nexus Phone 2016 but it does not mention any Marlin or Sailfish in it.

HTC Nexus Phone 2016 rumor: Google's smartphones might not be named Marlin and Sailfish?

The source that spotted the two documents stated that HTC Corporation 'hereby declare that the user guide submitted for review is draft and the final version will be made publicly available on Google's website.' Tech Tastic wrote the story and linked its article to the two HTC documents. It does not mention any Marlin or Sailfish or the Nexus Phone 2016 specs.

HTC Nexus Phone 2016: Google smartphones released soon?

The document dated July 20th and if it has arrived to FCC's desk, the public should expect the upcoming device in a few months later. BGR speculated the HTC-built phones will likely be released in October.

Google Nexus Phone 2016 rumor: specs

Previously, there have been many leaks of Google Nexus Phone 2016 images but no source could confirm the rumors. HTC Marlin will sport 5.5 inch screen, Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels resolution). It is rumored to have a huge battery capacity of 3,450 mAh with other components including Bluetooth 4.1, USB type C port, and the latest OS, Android Nougat.

As for HTC Sailfish, it is rumored to sport smaller screen, 5 inches AMOLED display, with 2770 mAh battery. Users may opt for either 32 GB or 128 GB of storage. There has been no clue on its processor although many rumors circulate through the web mention about quad-core Snapdragon. Both HTC Marllin and HTC Sailfish are said to be packed with 12 MP / 8 MP cameras.

Do you think the HTC-built smartphones will not be named as Marlin and Sailfish?

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