McDonald's Happy Meals News: Fastfood Chain Pulls Out Activity Tracker, Looking To Mom Whose Son Burned By Happy Meal[VIDEO]

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Aftermath the report of a mom who claimed that McDonald's happy meal Activity Tracker has caused burn marks on her son, the fast food chain decided to pull out the toy. and will no longer ship the toy to other branches. Aside from burn marks, some report suggests that it also gives rashes to children.

Many kids around the world love McDonald's, especially, if they will release such cool toys in their Happy Meal. In July, they released cute toys of 2016 movie "Secret Life of Pets." However, one of their toys are not cool for parents as they caused harm to their kids.

The activity tracker called "Step-It," is made of plastic band, which reported gives children rashes, according to Gizmodo. Aside from that, there were reports on Wednesday, August 7, that the activity tracker has caused burn marks on a kid.

Casey Collyar, a mom from Fort Smith, Arkansas, claimed that her son got burned marks after eight minutes he was playing with the watch.

"Eight minutes after he's playing with the watch and we go to get in the shower and I'm taking it off of him, I said, 'Oh my word, Cason. There is a mark on your hand.'  I look at it and it's directly where the watch is," Collyar told Fox19

"Step-it" comes in six colorful wrist fitness tracker bands. The toys were released in the United States and Canada. The fast food chain decided to stop selling the activity bands after the reports claim that it gives rashes and burn marks on kids' skin. 

After Collyar revealed what happened to her son, the company released a statement, telling the public that they will terminate "Step-It!" Activity Band Happy Meal in U.S. and Canada, and will not be released in other branches around the world. Collyar learned that McDonald's decided to stop releasing the toy, and she thinks that the company truly listens to their customers. 

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