Zika Virus News: Box Of of Genetically Altered Mosquitoes To Be Released In Key Haven, Demi Lovato Apologizes Over Zika Joke[VIDEO]

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After U.S. declared health emergency in Puerto Rico due to Zika virus, scientists suggested to release the genetically modified insects in Key Haven, but the locals refused.There will be a voting process whether to release millions of genetically modified mosquitoes on the island, or not.

Floridians disagree with the idea of releasing the mosquitoes in Kay Haven, the place which scientists said, "a perfect island" for discharging the modified mosquitoes, The Guardian reported. In Key West Florida, there is a sign that contains the phrase, "NO CONSENT to release of genetically modified mosquitoes."

Last five years, Oxitec, the biotechnology company, has been planning an experiment of releasing the GMO mosquitoes in the Keys. The group of scientists is hoping they could stop the spread of the deadly virus, Zika.

On Friday, August 12, the U.S. government declared a health emergency in Puerto Rico due to Zika Virus. Due to the demand of funds, the officials shifted $81 million in funds from other projects so scientists could work on developing vaccines to fight Zika, according to Fortune.

Amid Zika issue, "Camp Rock" alum Demi Lovato joked about Zika in Snapchat. Her video was posted on social media on August 13, and now deleted. In the video, her mom Diana Hart said, Everybody down in Rio gonna get the Zika virus," and Lovato's laughter was heard from the background.

Her post received backlash from online users. Aftermath the backlash, the hashtag #DemiLovatoIsOverParty started to trend.

Due to the outrage of some online users, "Skyscraper" hitmaker apologized on Twitter, US Magazine reported. In her tweet, she said she did not mean to offend anyone. She clarified that she was laughing at how "southern my mom sounded," not the issue about Zika nor the outbreak. Then, following her explanation, is her sincere apology.

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