'Metal Gear Survive' will be Konami's First Metal Gear Game Without Hideo Kojima [VIDEO]


Among the most successful game franchises ever, "Metal Gear" has to be definitely among the ranks that have endured the drastic changes to the gaming paradigm and the innovations in gaming technology. With multiple series of games under its belt, Konami has built this stealth centered game into a genre juggernaut.

Just recently, in a report by The Verge, game developer Konami has announced that a new Metal Gear game is on the way. The last Metal Gear game, "Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain" was received to critical acclaim, and now another hit may come in the form of "Metal Gear Survive."

Konami has revealed "Metal Gear Survive," which is a new online four-player co-op game that is set within the Metal Gear realm. The trailer for "Survive," which is due out next year on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC, was unveiled at Gamescom, and will be the very first Metal Gear title created by Konami since franchise creator, Hideo Kojima left the game franchise.

"Metal Gear Survive" continues with the aftermath of the events of "Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes," which come before "The Phantom Pain," with soldiers from the mercenary corporation Militaires Sans Frontières pulled into a wormhole which leads directly to an alternate universe. Gamers will find themselves on distorted desert terrains full of large half-formed structures, living biological dangers, and what survives a once strong military force now is scattered across the landscape, as Konami has described in a press release. Konami also added that Metal Gear Survive will give players a fresh take on the game series' infamous stealth mechianics, but contained within a unique co-op setting that is built for a truly engaging multi-player experience.

According to Ars Technica, if fans have to judge the merits of the game just based on the trailer alone, "Survive" looks like a fresh take on MGS's stealth mechanics, and also looks more like a zombie mode within a "Call of Duty" game, with gamer keeping their distance from hordes of crystal-headed monsters, and preventing them from entering their territory. "Metal Gear Survive's" game trailer was met with a mixed reaction online, with fans crying fould over the apparent absence of game franchise staple "Snake." Konami states that they willl be releasing more details about "Metal Gear Survive" at Gamescom.

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