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'Spider-Man: Homecoming' News: Michael Chernus Confirmed For Role, And A Possible New J. J. Jameson


Fans' anticipation level is rising because Spider-Man: Homecoming is almost here; and while production is still ongoing, news of casting have been surfacing over the past few weeks. Introduced in the last Marvel movie blockbuster, "Captain America: Civil War," the positive reaction from fans have generated great buzz for this film.

Actor Tom Holland will be playing the role of the iconic web crawler, "Spider-Man" and will be teaming up again with confirmed co-stars, Robert Downey Jr. who reprises his role as Tony Stark AKA "Iron Man," and Marisa Tomei in the role of "Aunt May." Additional confirm casting include the like of Disney Channel actress Zendaya, and the award-winning actor, Michael Keaton, who is rumored to be playing the antagonist "The Vulture."

The cast is already star-studded as it is, but it seems that another renowed actor will be added to the mix. According to Independent UK, actor Michael Chernus is cast to play the role of The Tinkerer. Chernus will portray the character Phineas Mason, a person with a superhuman ability to invent high-end and sophisticated gadgets and outfits, which he provides for other villains. He could be the logical answer to where The Vulture gets his wings, and will no doubt be assisting Keaton's character, if ever he plays the role of The Vulture. Chernus' acting credentials include "Captain Phillips" with award-winning actor Tom Hanks, and the hit Netflix film, "Orange is the New Black."

The casting choices seems to be on point, as fans have been more excited with every bit of news that comes out. In an article by The Inscribe Mag, there has yet to be any news regarding an iconic Spider-Man character - "J. Jonah Jameson." The article suggests that if ever they would include Peter Parker's boss in the mix, a good casting choice would be "Game of Thrones" superstar, "Peter Dinklage."

Academy award-winning actor, "JK Simmons" filled the role of the head of the Daily Bugle in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, and has remained synonymous with the role ever since. It would be interesting to see what Dinklage's version of the character will be, as he is a great actor that can make a character his own.  

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