College Tips: 10 Common Mistakes Every Freshman Should Avoid


College is a very exciting time. There are so many people to meet and so many adventures to embark on. It would definitely seem overwhelming to new students.

One way to keep one's self from blunders is to be aware of them. U.S. News gathered tips from their Twitter followers and from experts on what common mistakes every freshman should avoid.

1. Being uninvolved.

New college students should make time to explore their interests and make connections. Freshman year is the best time to start building your resume.

2. Overloading your schedule.

While it is not good to stay cooped up in your dorm, make sure that you don't overburden yourself with courses and extracurricular activities.

3. Skipping class.

Remember that you're in school to actually learn something. Twitter user S. Turgeson, Ed.D., advised that your attendance has a high correlation with your grades.

4. Putting off tasks.
Procrastination is a bad habit developed by students and will eventually have a negative impact on your professional life. Students need to learn how to manage their time as early as their freshman year.

5. Forgetting the importance of sleep.
It's so easy to get lost in the pressure of projects and exams that freshmen students usually forget to take time off for their health and well-being. Remember that our minds work better when our bodies are well-rested.

6. Binge-watching on Netflix.
Yes, you need to take time to unwind but spending more hours on Netflix than on your studies is never a good idea. Use that time, instead, to exercising.

7. Unhealthy eating habits.

There are studies that prove that eating healthy and working out can help students do better in school. Developing a healthy lifestyle as early as freshman year can help students decrease stress and focus better.

8. Not asking for help.

Don't be afraid to talk to others about your struggles. If you're having a difficult time with your classes, talk to your professor. If you feel as if you're too stressed out, meet with one of the school counselors. Find people who can help you.

9. Too much partying.

Going to parties in college is fairly common as well as excessive drinking. However, just because it's common does not mean that it's beneficial to your success in the future. Drink responsib.

10. Impractical spending.

Majority of students leave college with student debt. Managing your money well and avoiding credit card debt can ease your financial burden in the long run.

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