Scientists should Look for Stellified Objects; It could Identify Aliens' Life and Intelligence


New research speculates that it might be possible for aliens to convert gas giants into stellar objects.

The quest for aliens should be started by looking for stellified objects

The paper which will be published in Journal of British Interplanetary Society, claims that scientists can find any sign of aliens by looking for stellified objects. Stellification is a process where Jovian-class planet turns into a star.

Quoting from Outer Places, "At first, the black hole would start consuming the planet, but then the mass amounts of radiation would prevent any further flow of material." The energy created with the radiation will illuminate the surface like any other star.

It is a dangerous process according to astronomers. If these objects do exist, it simply shows that aliens are smart enough to consider the risks of jeopardizing the solar system.

Previously, scientists believe that Jupiter may host aliens but it is hard to find evidence given the planet is made up of gas. Researchers are also targeting Jupiter's moon, Europa, as potential candidate to hold the evidence of life since it's covered with ice. This would be the suitable place to find signs of life since there is water, Express UK wrote.

The process to detect stellified planet may not be that easy but it could be possible because the astronomy observation has progressed dramatically since decades ago. Thus, albeit the difficult effort, it might be done sooner.

Milan Ćirković said that the first step begins with searching starts with very small size in terms of radius and mass. The scientist from Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade explained that if the suspect object is located in the binary system with one planet in habitable zone nearby - then it will make the potential candidate.

Furthermore, Cirkovic speculates that alien may have motifs like humans; for instance, the need to search energy, habitat, and other resources. There can be possibilities of aliens producing the brown dwarf - object too small to be called a star yet to large to be a planet.

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