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Perseid Meteor Shower 2016 Dates: NASA Shares Tips on How and Where to Watch The Shooting Stars


Perseid meteor shower will color the night sky soon. NASA Meteoroid Environments Office has confirmed that if it goes under perfect condition, there could be 200 meteors per hour - more amount than the usual meteor shower.

Perseid meteor shower 2016 dates

Forecasters have also made a prediction by stating that the meteor outburst will take place on August 11 and 12. From august 17 to 24, our planet will pass through Comet Swift-Tutle. However, the moon light might disrupt the view of these fireball lights on August 11 so the best time to see would be August 12, CBC reported.

These meteors are said to be making flashes of light in the sky as they blast at 132,000 mph. According to NASA, the previous Perseid meteor shower happened in 2009.

How to watch Perseids meteor shower 2016

Bill Cooke from NASA gives handful tips on how to watch the meteor shower. He said that Europe, Russia and North America will get the best views as these regions are located in Northern Hemisphere. For those who live in the city, Cooke recommends traveling to the countryside or suburbs.

Cooke suggests finding a dark spot because you can't watch it in bright light condition. The preparation to watch the awesome celestial show is quite simple - Cooke advices to give your eyes a chance to darken out, about 30-40 minutes to adapt with the dark sky. The Space even recommends watchers to bring comfortable chairs, snacks and bug spray.

There is no need of telescope because you need to have wide view of the sky since the meteor shower can appear anywhere. It will likely to appear around 10 pm (local time) and it will also be visible after midnight. Furthermore, Cooke also said that few Perseid meteors will still be seen on Saturday morning August 13.

Have you prepared yourself to watch Perseid meteor shower?

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