Rio Olympics 2016: Kerri Walsh Jennings Said She Is Not Affected With 'Zika' Jeers


American beach volleyball stars Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross shrugged off the "Zika!" shouts from the Brazilian fans during a match last Monday midnight.

According to Kerri Jennings, she is not worried about Zika virus since she got her 'Honest Bug Spray on'. Also, she said that she is taken care of. Jennings also added that she and her partner are just doing their job. Jennings and Ross have been targeted by the Brazilian fans with "Zika!" shouts, USA Today reported.

The "Zika" jeers were not very loud, apparently. Ross and Jennings said that they could not hear the jeers during the match. The team won over China during that match with a 2-0 victory. Defeating Chinese players Wang Fan and Yue Yuan left USA on the top of Pool c during the group play in the 2016 summer Olympics. Jennings said that she does not pay attention to that stuff.

However, the jeers are unmistakably targeted to the Americans just less boisterous to the one that directed first to the U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo.

During the event, alternating chants of "U-S-A!" and "Whoaa! Zika!" can be heard. But even though Brazilians jeered playfully on the Americans, they also cheered when Ross and Jennings Made clutch plays during the game that ended at 12: 33.

Brazilian people appreciate good volleyball, even at past midnight.

So far, Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross has been doing well in the Summer Olympics at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The pair has already pulled in two wins for USA. Both of them are already moms and Jennings was even pregnant during the London Olympic Games. Her next match is scheduled for August 10th, according to Earn The Necklace.

Kerri Walsh Jennings got support from her family, especially from her husband, Casey Jennings. The volleyball star will push through the obstacles from the hot Rio weather to the Brazilian "Zika!" jeers.

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