Jim Morrison Was A Poet And An Artist With A Degree In Cinematography


James Douglas Morrison, also known as Jim Morrison from "The Doors", attended UCLA and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Cinematography. This was before he and "The Doors" became famous.

He is considered to be one of those artists who started from humble beginnings and was on a path towards a normal career, according to Sioux City Journal.

Raised in San Diego, he completed third grade at Fairfax County Elementary School. He moved around a lot because his father was in the military. He also attended Charles H. Flato Elementary school later on. Then moved to St. John's Methodist School in New Mexico. He attended sixth grade at the Long Fellow School. For high school he attended Alameda High and graduated from George Washington Middle School.

He noted that he was influenced by the writings of philosophers and poets. His senior high teacher describes him as a person who reads as much and probably more than anyone in school. He suspected that the books he read were made up but was proven wrong.

In his later years, he went to live with his grandparents in Florida and attended St. Petersburg College. He then transferred to Florida State University.

In 1964, he attended the University of California, Los Angeles. Morrison completed his undergraduate degree in the university's film school. He did so under the Theater Arts department of College of Fine arts in 1965.

Ultimately, he refused to attend the graduation ceremony because he went to Venice. His diploma was sent to his mother. In his tenure in UCLA, he made several short films and cinematographic accomplishments.

Now, because of his wild personality, talent in song writing and dramatic life, he was regarded as one of the most iconic and influential frontmen in all of rock music history. He had an alcohol dependency which led to a downward spiral in his life. He died at the age of 27 years old in Paris after suffering from an accidental heroin overdose.

Want to know more about Morrison? Check out the video below about speculations surrounding his death:

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