JK Rowling Net Worth, Harry Potter And Honorary Doctorate Degrees From Two Continents


Many know J.K. Rowling to be the successful author of the Harry Potter book series. The series then jumped from physical paper to the big screen in just a few years. It has earned its mark in the industry through Rowling's creative writing. Because of her, a loved franchise was born.

But J.K Rowling has something up her sleeve. Many celebrities and artists hold notable degrees, but only a few receive honorary doctorates from the most prestigious universities in the world because of their work and accomplishments. According to the Business Insider, Rowling has earned honorary doctorates from two separate continents.

Rowling's life is considered to be a "rags to riches" kind of story. She jumped from living on state benefits to becoming a millionaire in just five years. Her current net worth now is around $1 billion. With her success, she became one of the most influential women in Britain. Her higher education started with Wyedean School and College. From there she found her love of books and imagination.

Later on, she took the entrance for Oxford University but did not pass. She recalls doing little work and prefers to read Dickens and Tolkien. Most of the things found in the Harry Potter book series were inspired from her own personal experiences.

True enough, her sweat, blood and tears on the pages eventually made it to the hands of avid readers nationwide. It happened when a publisher believed in her when many did not.

In the last fifteen years alone, J.K Rowling has garnered seven honorary doctorates from the following universities:

  1. University of Exeter
  2. University of St. Andrews
  3. Napier University
  4. University of Edinburgh
  5. Dartmouth College
  6. Harvard University
  7. And the University of Aberdeen

Her best-selling book series has gained that much attention, that universities from across the pond have given her the honor.

Want to know more about Rowling? Check out this documentary of the author below:

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