'Pokemon GO' might have A Hogwarts Version: 'Harry Potter GO' Petition Almost Reaches 10k Supporters


Expelliarmus! What happen if you cast a spell to someone from an app? This is probably Harry Potter fans' number one wish list right now ever since "Pokemon GO" goes viral.

"Pokemon GO" has taken the world (and Harry Potter fans) by storm

Harry Potter diehard fans, Ashtyn Hannon, made a petition - urging Niantic and Warner Brothers to create a "Pokemon GO'-like app for Harry Potter. It clearly states, "Accio Harry Potter Go: We Want a Harry Potter Version of "Pokemon Go!"

A game that is similar to "Pokemon GO" augmented reality

Fans expect to cast spells or battle with other wizard pals. For instance, shouting "Expelliarmus" can disable the app (only for a few seconds). As for the creatures to catch, fans suggest dragons, hippogriffs and goblins. And using basilisk fangs to destroy Horcrux.


The petition ends by stating that the game would be a win for all since Harry Potter fans are now wishing to return to the wizarding universe. The petition also 'advises' Warner Brothers to develop the app so that they could earn loads of Muggle money.

Since "Pokemon GO" has created madness and brought massive fortune to the game maker, people (or Warner Bros) might have already thought about similar augmented reality projects in the future. Perhaps, better features and system so that it will not result servers down or hackers trying to make the AR game offline?

If the Hogwarts version of "Pokemon GO" is to be developed, then we should expect to see more stunts and probably, odd behaviors of people trying to catch creatures using their smartphones. The petition is now reaching 9,225 supporters - which means a few hundreds more to reach 10,000 goal and hopefully, it could catch Niantic attention to make Harry Potter augmented reality game.

Have you signed the petition?

Meanwhile, "Pokemon GO" is supposed to launch in Japan but it's been cancelled for an unclear reason.

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