'School House Rock' Learn And Rock To School House Tunes


"Schoolhouse Rock, Live!," a musical review of School House Rock songs is now a series. The show runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Theatre of Virginia Beach until August 7.

The series features the main character as Tom, a newbie teacher intimidated of his profession and trying to find ways on how to overcome his nervousness and be able to communicate knowledge to his students.

As he tries to calm himself down off the pressure, he sits in front of his television set. To his surprise, different characters come out one by one from his television set, each of them representing features of him.

These characters will help him in dealing with his teaching dilemma with fun and exciting music and imagination.

The television set literally plays one of the biggest roles on the show with its larger than life size making a huge attraction on center stage.

Some of the features that will make the play more magical and colorful are the huge quirky props such as the Crayola that can turn into a jukebox. Props also include jumbo sized crayons and books, Pilot Online reported.

The show runs at 50 minutes without interruptions. They put together enough amount of music with the cute combination of choreography by Morgan Ashley Madison & Alex Seeley to make the antic more child-friendly.

The team seemed to have caught their young audiences' attention during the first days of the show as the children were quiet and attentive throughout play.

School House Rock was a three-minute segment in the 70's interrupting children's Saturday morning cartoon viewing with its fun way of teaching through inviting music and beats. Their lessons cover grammar, history up to mathematics.

Some of the unforgettable songs from the show were "Lolly Lolly Lolly get your adverbs here", "Conjunction Junction" which teach about grammar. And who would forget the song "I'm just a bill", that explains how bills become laws in the Congress, Windy City Times reported.

This video presents one of the most popular School House Rock videos.

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