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‘Dragon Ball Super' Episode 54 Spoilers: Trailer Shows Black Goku Not The Main Villain; Goku Transforms Into Super Saiyan Pink?


The episode 54 of the anime television series "Dragon Ball Super" has long been awaited by the fans.

The upcoming episode still got questions as to who really will be the heir to the Saiyan blood. There are a bunch of revelations bound to be told in the anime series episode 54, which includes the real identity of Black Goku.

Based on the recent trailer of "Dragon Ball Super" and the speculations of the fans, it formed a theory that Black Goku may not be the main villain of the TV series after all, based on the report of Mobile N Apps.

Black's transformation into pink-colored hair and pink aura surrounding the character to the assumption that he will also have a change of power. There has been new information thrown in which it claimed that a new villain will be stronger than the combination of Black and Zamazu. Thus, the new villain will definitely be someone so hard to defeat, according to Blasting News.

However, as the preview trailer of episode 54 has been released online, the forthcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super" is regarded to show off how the training of Vegeta for Trunks will make a difference to the latter's true power.

Spoilers put forward for consideration that Trunks might reach his true potential powers in hope to defeat Black Goku. And it is believed that the intense training of Vegeta with Trunks will help the latter finally transforms into Super Saiyan Blue, according to Christian Today.

In spite of the fact that the true strength of Black Goku is unknown, but it is known that the villain is strong enough to win against Future Trunks. It is said that it is equivalent or even stronger compared to Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku.

That being said, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 54 is slated to smash up on August 7.

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