MacBook Pro 2016 Will Be Released Together With ‘iPhone 7’ This September?

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The "iPhone 7" along with the "MacBook Pro 2016" have been getting all the hype lately due to the numerous reports about the devices.

The latest reports that surfaced suggesting that the upcoming devices of Apple Inc. will be launched together this September.

As 2016 is already halfway through, it is high time that the tech giant will release the much-awaited notebook. Most likely, there were reports claiming that stores across the U.S. were giving away huge discounts on selected MacBook Pro models, according to Vine Report.

There were even some outlets that withdraw the older MacBook Pros that didn't have Retina displays and further made an explanation that these models will be deemed outdated. As a result, the assumptions of the Apple followers were ignited that the forthcoming release of the "MacBook Pro 2016" is imminent, with the most probable speculation will be this September.

However, if rumors about the release date turned out to be true, the upcoming MacBook Pros will be thinner and lighter compared to the previous model, and the device could also include a Touch ID and a reactive OLED touchscreen, based on the report of Alphr.

One of the distinctive attributes that has been highly requested to be seen in tech giant's high-end laptop line is the addition of the Apple's touch ID system. Rumors have suggested that the latest MacBook Pro will be coming out with an iPhone-like properties and features, MNR Daily reported.

As a further matter, there are speculations that the upcoming high end laptop will still be installed with the Intel Skylake processor, since it's doubtful to have the Intel Kaby Lake processor because of the fact that the latter won't be out until 2017.

And it is likely to happen that "MacBook Pro 2016" might be carrying a USB Type-C port, which will definitely mean that the device can transfer files faster and charging time.

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