‘Xbox One S’ Performance Boosted As New Console Has A Faster GPU

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The new "Xbox One S" is now up for grabs, and in addition to the device's 4K Blu-ray support, the console revision of One S also has a better performance over its predecessor.

The boosted performance of "Xbox One S" definitely isn't the big leap that Microsoft Corporation promised for the Scorpio, but the benchmark scores for the slimmer Xbox pop its performance at up to 11 percent higher compared to "Xbox One," according to Eurogamer.

The fact that 11 percent performance of the device isn't across the board, but that performance was noted during a test of Project Cars in third-person chase-cam replay. The One S hammered down the "Xbox One" due to the large part to an overclocked GPU. Whereas the original Xbox One GPU clocks in at 853 Mhz, while One S GPU has a 914 Mhz clock speed, IGN reported.

The performance of "Xbox One S" also gained an advantage of the increased ESRAM Bandwidth, at 219 GB/s in contrast to the original Xbox One at 204 GB/s.

Microsoft claimed that by upclocking the graphics core, it is needed to support rendering the real-time non-HDR versions of the game for the GameDVR screenshots, feature and streaming.

However, the technology company could have disabled the feature for non-HDR titles, but they decided not to, as it is effectively a small, bonus value-added feature.

The high dynamic range (HDR) made reference to a type of imagery in which the dynamic range and the difference between the darkest and lightest part of the image is technically high, according to The Verge.

Microsoft's senior director of product management and planning - Albert Penello, stated that some games may see a very minor performance improvement.

And if a person will purchase "Xbox One S," the latest device is like the "Xbox One" but designed for the future, based on the report of Engadget.

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