Windows 10 Free Upgrade Is Still Available On The Internet!

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Microsoft ended its free OS upgrade to Windows 10 last Friday, July29. However, there is still a way to upgrade Windows to 10 for free, if the user is willing to adjust his moral compass.

The one-year old Microsoft operating system, windows 10, was out for free since its launch. The free upgrade however, was ended and now a paid version is available.

Fortunately, there is still a way to have a free upgrade for those who don't want to pay. The extended free OS upgrade is targeted to people who need Microsoft's assistive technology.

The company still want the Windows 10 operating system upgrade to be on as many computers possible. It could be the reason why the company is not very restrictive to the upgrade offer. In fact, the company is not even verifying that the user actually needed the features on the windows 10, not even after the download is completed, reported.

Users can go to the Windows 10 upgrade website where Microsoft offers the free upgrade with just a click of a button. By hitting "Upgrade Now", the windows 10 upgrade tool will be downloaded.

There is no exact date when the free upgrade will end, unlike the previous update for the public.

 The free upgrade for the general public ends in July 29. However those who use assistive technologies are being offered a free upgrade by Microsoft even after the free upgrade for the general public ends. This is because Microsoft still continues to improve the Windows 10 experience for those people who are using the assistive features of the operating system, according to the description on the Windows 10 upgrade website.

The Anniversary Update that is due for release will beef up the Windows 10 operating system's accessibility options. This will expectedly make the OS a more tempting offer to those who use the assistive technologies.

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