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Trump University: Lawsuits Against Donald And His Real Estate School Ongoing


Cohen versus Trump and Low versus Trump. These are the two class action lawsuits fired at Donald Trump and his real estate school. The two lawsuits center around allegations that Trump University defrauded its students by using misleading marketing practices and engaging in aggressive sales tactics

The actions will most likely proceed to trial in San Diego Federal court. According to KPBS, the judge owning the case, Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel, said that he will likely deny Trump's motion to dismiss the Cohen versus Trump case.

The Cohen suit alleges that Donald Trump knew that the university was a fraudulent medium. It was defrauding its customers or students but chose to go forward with the program anyway. It also indicated that the program used the word "university" and it did not handpick its mentors.

In this case, Cohen alleges that Donald Trump has engaged in racketeering which violates the federal RICO act. The fraud brought to light the marketing arm of the school which indicated a misconduct. Furthermore, the defense states that the RICO violation should not be pinned on Trump.

Trump University was an American for-profit school that ran a real estate training program from 2005 until 2010. The company offered courses in real estate, asset management, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation. However, after several lawsuits within that time, the company became defunct.

The business started with Michael Sexton. Sexton created a business plan for a real estate training program and presented it to Trump. Initially, he wanted to use Trump's name as a brand. Instead, Trump decided he wanted to be principal owner.

In 2010, Trump University closed its doors. They have stopped producing newspaper advertising, free presentations, and three-day seminars, and more. In total, there are three lawsuits filed against Trump University. All three range from false claims to racketeering.

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