Free Speech In Brown University Short: Alumni Blasts Ivy League School Administration


As exciting as it may sound for some to attend an Ivy League school, an alumni decided he was against the idea, giving focus on the issue of free speech within the school environment. An alumni's short film detailed on the censorship in the Ivy League school. 

The administration may say so but according to Brown University faculty and students, the film was "spot on." Alumni Rob Montz, who graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy said that he decided to create and narrate a 13 minute documentary film on free speech.

Rob Montz's decision to focus on the state of free speech at his alma mater spiked the university's core. According to Fox News, his findings hit the spot with the students and professors as these are the group in the academe that he would speak with in the course of his project. "There hasn't been a single student on campus or a single professor who I've been contacted by who's said I was wrong," said Montz. The title of his docu-film was "Is the University Killing Free Speech and Open Debate?"

Montz claimed in the that the predominantly liberal college maintained an academic climate that enabled everybody to open an inquiry and debate but that was a decade ago. When he visited his alma mater, the administrators have spooned politically correct demands to the students fearing that they will end up on the "wrong side" of a societal debate.

According to Economics professor Glenn Looury, universities should foster an environment which enables people to exchange ideas that an "lead to deepening of our human understanding."

Brown University spokeswoman Cass Cliatt said that "If you spent time on our campus, you would see that we're confronting real issues in an environment that promotes the free exchange of ideas," she said in an email. She further claimed that the video is most likely an opinion piece and calls it an unfortunate example of "characterizing" the campus.

Check out the video below and sound off if you agree with the docu-film:

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