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Texas Campus Shooting: Memorial Set For Anniverary Killing At University Of Texas In Austin


A memorial is being dedicated to the victims who died in the August 1, 1966 mass shooting. It will be officially delegated during August 1, 2016 to mark the 50th anniversary of of the killing at the University of Texas in Austin Texas.

A stone memorial is set for the 17 victims that died. Reuters has it that a sniper was perched on the university tower that left a number of people dead. For the first time, in fifty years, the school holds an official memorial for the tragic event.

Currently, Republican law makers are citing new law that will allow more guns in places like public universities. The lawmakers say the "campus carry" law, which goes into effect August 1, could prevent another mass shooting.

The safety and security of the people in school had sparked a debate over the use of guns. Many called the law a "wrong-headed approach."

The campus carry law allows those over 21 with a concealed handgun permit to take guns into classrooms and several parts of the campus. This includes students and staff.

On August 1, the university unveiled a stone monument to remember the event. Gregory Fenves, the university administration president in 2008 says "A lot has changed as a society and for institutions since then. We understand the healing process, and closure.

He goes on to explain that the lesson learned is that everyone needs to deal with the trauma and support the survivors. "Recognize those who were killed," he said.

Texas is one of the nine states that allow people to carry concealed weapons. Diana Mendoza, a graduate of the same university in 2015 said that she is opposed to the campus carry law. She explained that it will bring more violence than prevent it.

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