'Kingdom Hearts 3' Slated To Receive Two New Worlds; Get The Details!

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"Kingdom Hearts" fans, rejoice! Square Enix and Disney's much-awaited action role-playing game, "Kingdom Hearts 3" is all set to introduce two new different worlds.

If rumors doing rounds are anything to go by, the team behind "Kingdom Hearts 3" plans to debut Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as Star Wars in the new game.

Both MCU and Star Wars are owned by Disney; however they are quite discrete from Disney's own endeavors. While Disney's world encompass Snow White, Goofy, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and everyone's favorite Donald Duck, Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe on the other hand comprises of Hulk, Darth Vader or Iron Man which makes it hard to include them.

Rumors are running rampant that Disney wants to give its best shot to compensate for the recent cancellation of Disney Infinity with this move.

It remains to be seen if Disney will succeed at pleasing fans with this piece of rumor though.

Fans were extremely disappointed with the cancellation of Disney Infinity. Nevertheless, both Disney and Square Enix have remained mum and have neither confirmed nor denied these speculations so fans need to take this with a grain of salt, MovieNewsGuide reported.

Square Enix has still not given Marvel and Star Wars green light to make an appearance in "Kingdom Hearts 3." Although nothing has been finalized yet, optimistic fans believe the announcement will be made over the game's release date during the impending Kingdom Hearts concert tour.

In addition, rumor mills have been swirling speculations hinting the game may consist of improved combat as well as magical point system. Talking about "Kingdom Hearts 3" and in its older version, 0.2, co-director Tai Yasue told Venture Beat that they wanted to enhance the system for the next generation. Since Square Enix wanted to do something new, they can utilize magical spells, Yasue added.

This will not only help with the game's environment but also with enemies reacting in a more concise way while the players are enjoying the game.

"It doesn't just explode. It lingers on afterward," Yasue explained. For instance, if a player shoots a Blizzard, it creates place where you can skate on the ground. Yasue did not divulge any specific details though.

Even at E3 2016, "Kingdom Hearts 3" took a backseat while entire focus remained on "Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue."

"Kingdom Hearts 3" is slated to hit the store shelves sometime in next year.

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