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'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers News: Series Producer Marc Guggenheim Teases His New Directive; Time Masters, No More?


"Legends of Tomorrow" producer Marc Guggenheim revealed some spoilers of Season 2.

DC has been extremely successful with its TV superhero on The CW. With "Arrow" and "The Flash" opening the doors to new spin-offs, and with the recent transfer of the former CBS show Supergirl to The CW, it would seem that the dynamic duo of Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg can be even more creative in their shows' episodes - especially with the upcoming new season of Legends of Tomorrow.

"Legends of Tomorrow" has truly been an exciting ride for fans of the CW DC television series, and their season finale has left audiences wondering what is next for the triumphant time travelers. With their victory over last season's main villain, Vandal Savage, it seems that the Wave Rider crew will be facing a new unknown threat. The very end of the season finale introduced us to Rex Tyler, who is also known in the DC universe as Hourman, and thus a new adventure begins in Season 2.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Marc Guggenheim, executive producer of "Legends of Tomorrow," gave hints and teased the direction that the CW DC ensemble show may go to. According to the producer, after the destructions of the Time Council and Oculus in Season 1, the LOT team will have a new mission.

Guggenheim said that the season 1 finale has set up the mission to be taken in season 2. Audiences were left with the fact that the Time Masters are no more, and the team basically has to fill-in the role of Time Masters, Screen Rant reported.

There would also be a couple of changes in the team's roster. With the well-known and highly-awaited crossover episodes of the CW superhero shows, viewers can expect a few swapping of characters between the shows, and also the introduction of new ones. The arrival of Supergirl to The CW network also adds a new flavor to the dynamics of the entire cast, and the story arcs that DC's Television Universe can delve in, as this will be the first time that these shows will be dealing with beings, technology and lore of extraterrestrial origin.

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