Netflix Announces Flixtape: The New Playlist Feature For The Subscribers' Favorite TV Shows


Netflix is introducing the all new "Flixtape", a mixtape that allows their users to create a modified playlists of their favorite movies and TV shows.

"Flixtape" has its slogan that reads, "It's like a mixtape, but for Netflix." This new feature was inspired by the classic mixtapes that were popular back in the 80s and 90s before CD burning and constructing MP3 playlist was probable, Slashfilm reported.

Sources reported that the king of streams has allowed their subscribers to freely organize their own "Flixtapes" around a particular theme, mood or message. A feature that will only amplifies the fracture cause to the already corrupted attention spans of humans. This news was released through a short video made by Netflix. The video shows the four-step process in making your very own Flixtape".

First, generate a unique name for the "Flixtape". By the algorithm built by Netflix during this naming process, it then suggests three titles that is based on the name made. Second, edit the playlist. After everything is all done with step one, in this step, user can reorganize, eliminate, or substitute those suggestions that is good for up to six titles. After that, customize the cover of the Flixtape in a most creative way, allowing the creative mind to take over. Then lastly, share the playlist to the world, Nerdist reported.

While this new feature is very cool enough, though, subscribers already have their tracks lining up to keep them updated of to the movies and shows they wanted to watch. This doesn't mean that it maximize the potential function of a playlist on Netflix. Some think that Flixtape doesn't allow their users to make a playlist of individual TV episodes. By that, it only allows users to create a list of TV shows for them or their followers to check. But however, this is still a great idea. Maybe if this feature clicks to the subscribers, Neflix will do its job to upgrade the capability of Flixtape.

So, having that idea of allowing Flixtape to make a playlist of the episodes could still happen.


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