'Ghostbusters' Fans Are Not So Happy About The Latest Spoilers


Fans reacts to the latest "Ghostbusters" spoilers. Fans are giving down votes to the movie before it even hit the screen.

The iconic "Ghostbusters" are back with a more modern environment and high technology weapons but this time, girls dominates. The original 1984 "Ghostbuster"s film was a big hit back then. Backed up with jokes that brings good comedy vibes to their fans. And now with the modern version of the classic franchise, they may not receive the same appreciation from the fans, Slashfilm reported.

Apparently, the trailer of the new "Ghostbusters" film has not performed well, also on the official YouTube Channel of Sony, as the studio had expected. The teaser received more down votes than its up votes with only 192,590 up compared to a massive 454,844 down. This signifies that majority of the fans are not pleased of this new rendition of the classic film. However, the all-female cast seems like not a big issue of the fans, Movieweb reported.

Report says, that some have actually seen the movie and their reviews makes the movie sounds very terrible. But for some fans out there are still hoping that it is at least funny. But if we will based it to the latter critiques, hoping it to be laughable will be so impossible. Though, some spoilers that are included will surely make, if not most of the fans groan loudly.

Some reports says, though were not yet verified, that they have worked in the post-production and were treated to an advance screening of the film. It was arranged while highlighting the movie's best scenes and jokes. Also seen the cameos of the original cast Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts and Ernie Hudson but not as their usual characters. As the plot is not the same as the 1984 movie. Some claims that the advanced reviews are fake, but it was on paper before the trailer was out and it includes lots of the stuff that are seen on the video.

We never knew if it was real or not. Perhaps, the only way to prove that is to wait for the movie to hit the big screen this summer. And by that, true or not, the hope is still alive.


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