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'Pokemon GO' Tips and Tricks: How On Earth, This Man Becomes The First to Catch Them All in US?


"Pokemon GO" player, Nick Johnson, managed to complete his collections including Gyarados, Mewtwo and Vaporeon.

Currently at level 31, the user has caught 4,269 Pokemon, recorded153 km distance travelled and hatched 303 eggs, as Polygon wrote.

How did he do that?

The Brooklyn based trainer admitted to work hard to catch them all. He spent 50 hours going to many Pokestops to achieve his goal. Johnson said that he could have caught Omastar earlier if his Verizon service hadn't stop operating suddenly. The fact that he can collect them all, has raised questions whether he has used any Pokemon GO cheat.

What does he suggest to "Pokemon GO" players who want to achieve goal like him without cheating?

The Applico's Head of Platform admitted purchasing egg incubators and 'good walking shoes'. For the record, he has become a healthier person since his iPhone's Health app recorded 8 miles of daily walk. And to sum up his adventure, here are some of the highlights of his journey.

"Pokemon GO" tips on going the extra mile!

Speaking to Business Insider, Johnson shared a story where he wanted to catch Porygon - the hardest one according to him. It needed him to travel to Jersey City. It was Uber service that drove him around and found Porygon, Gamespot reported.

"Pokemon GO" tips: best spots to visit in NYC

Johnson shared Pokemon GO tips to find the best spots in the area; Battery Park and Grand Army Plaza in Central Park - which Justin Bieber was spotted playing.

"Pokemon GO" tips: what to purchase?

Johnson recommends Pokemon GO players to buy comfortable walking shoes to avoid sore legs. And if ever they need to spend money for items, he suggests buying egg incubators, which he described as 'the best bang for your buck'.

Right now, Johnson needs generous sponsors to pay his world tour and help him catch Kanghaskhan in Australia or New Zealand, Mr. Mime in Europe, and Farfetch'd in Asia.

As he is already in a great shape at the moment, Johnson said that he will still be playing "Pokemon GO"!

What stunts have you done to catch them all? Do you have Pokemon GO tips and tricks to share?

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