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Hackers Claim Pokemon GO Servers will Go Down on August 1; Mark Your Calendar!


If there is something that everyone would be worried right now is when Pokemon GO servers go down. Or worse, a group of hackers named themselves as Poodlecorp has threatened to make the AR game offline. Stating the exact date, August 1, as the schedule.

Pokemon GO servers offline on August 1? How?

Many sources citing on the use of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). As Pokemon GO servers are already in vulnerable stage, hackers might hit on the fragile system and cause it to go offline.

 Previously, Poodlecorp also admitted to be responsible in Pokemon GO server issues last week. One of the hackers claimed that this time will be different because they promise to cause chaos on August 1. The hacker, @xotehpoodle said that nobody can stop them and "chose August 1 so we have time to relax and not care about doing anything."

It's obvious that many hackers plan to make the app go offline given its heavy loads. Pokemon GO fans should expect the issue on August 1 as the hacker collective openly claims to attack a DDoS, Naked Security reported.

Pokemon Go fans attack Poodlecorp back

Meanwhile, the news has created battle between Pokemon GO fans and the hackers. As seen in Poodlecopr Twitter account, Pokemon GO players are bashing them and their plan.

What Niantic has to say about Pokemon GO servers down?

Niantic did not bother to confirm the hacker's claim and releasing announcement instead. According to the game developer, Pokemon GO servers go down due to heavy traffic. Many trainers have experienced some connectivity issues to load because of the high number of downloads.

It is unclear why Poodlecorp team actually makes the threat go public along with its schedule. However, it seems like 'because we can' is a convincing answer right now.

Pokemon GO fans, mark your calendar!

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