Kristen Stewart Won't Star In Possible ‘Twilight’ Revival; Still Affected at Ex-Boyfriend Robert Pattinson?


Kristen Stewart was thankful for her success in the "Twilight" franchise that introduced her as one of the most versatile actresses in Hollywood.

Within five years of the "Twilight" series, Stewart has appeared in the different installments. But, even though the actress is grateful for the opportunity to star in the movie, Stewart confirmed that she no longer wants to appear in the reboot of "Twilight."

While Stewart was speaking with Yahoo Movies, the 26 year old actress stated that they have already done that story, they made five of them, so she maybe not interested in doing it again.

In the meantime, the "Twilight" actress also established the truth that ever since she appeared in the franchise, Stewart refused to be part in big budget films, for the reason that it's too toxic and stressful.

However, if an opportunity knocks on her door and the actress feels that it's too big to pass it up, then Stewart might consider working on another big budget film, based on the report of Yibada.

Stewart stated that she would love to be inspired by a big budget movie enough to sign on to it. In fact, she is waiting for it.

Stewart also said that her approach is to invest time in things that are really not relevant to the size of it. What happened to "Twilight" is that, it started off small and then got bigger, but what was inside it was always the same.

On the other hand, during Stewart's discussion with Entertainment Tonight, the actress became quite emotional as she explained the script of the romantic drama film - "Equals," which is a love story set in a utopian future.

Fans then speculated that perhaps seeing some shade of meaning of the storyline, the actress took herself back to her relationship with Pattinson. Many individuals are also forming a theory that Stewart may still be harboring feelings for her ex-boyfriend, Morning Ledger reported.

Watch the interview of Stewart here:

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