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Jul 11, 2016 07:49 AM EDT

Xbox One’s ‘Red Dead Redemption’ Better Performance Instantly Familiar With Grand Theft Auto GTA [VIDEO]


The action-adventure video game "Red Dead Redemption" is now available on Xbox One.

From the backward compatibility program by Microsoft, the video game can now be very entertaining on the multinational technology company's latest console.

The team at Digital Foundry, who builds digital solutions, offers visual proof of the video game's better performance in a side-by-side comparison video showcasing how "Red Dead Redemption" was upgraded after an instance of coming to the Xbox One, according to Tech Times.

One of the main points contributing to "Red Dead Redemption" being amazingly good on the Xbox One, is the frame rate is having an even and regular consistency on the newer console. The numbers show that Rockstar's video game racks up a stable 30 fps on the most recent Microsoft console, while only 25 fps on the original Xbox 360.

If an Xbox owner already has a version of the video game, they can enjoy the video game right away for free. Otherwise, they can purchase the game as a digital download on Microsoft's digital distribution platform - Xbox Store.

For non-Gold members, the open world video game is available for $10.49, while it's just only $7.49 for the subscribers, based on the report of Forbes.

Some DLC of "Red Dead Redemption" if free such as Liars and Cheats; Legends and Killers; Outlaws to the End; as well as Hunting and Trading expansions; Myths and Mavericks.

"Red Dead" arrived in between "GTA 4" and "GTA 5" games, where GTA games were developed primarily in Edinburgh at Rockstar North while Red Dead was carried out in San Diego.

The game's systems and style of "Red Dead Redemption," (such as the typically arrogant walking, the talking and the shooting) are instantly familiar with the video game series - Grand Theft Auto (GTA), Eurogamer reported.

Microsoft and Rockstar Games made a smart move on "Red Dead Redemption," as the sales of the video game have soared by nearly 6000%, according to Game Rant.

Check Out The Video Here:

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