Apple ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ and ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ Will Be Release in September?

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The fans of Apple's devices were like sentinels as the "iPhone 7" is rumored to be unleashed sometime in 2016.

There has been a lot of speculation about the upcoming gadget, and a lot of people were expecting the "iPhone 7" will be released with a bigger version that resembles the features of "iPhone 6 Plus."

There has been a new report came up claiming that there's a huge possibility that the technology company might release not one, but two supersized smartphones to tag along with the upcoming Apple device, MNR Daily reported.

The multinational technology company might give the public two additional versions of the smartphone, an "iPhone 7 Plus," along with "iPhone 7 Pro," which could be the preferred choice of a professional photographer, based on the report of Phone Arena.

There have been several supposed leaked images of the device, as well as comments and predictions from experts and the specialized technology media. A number of post online that showed the casing which are believed to be in the new smartphone, according to Mirror.

Rumor has it that Apple Inc. will discontinue its classic Space Gray color option for the "iPhone 7" line and a matte dark blue option will do the job. But, thoughts came out that Pro, Plus and "iPhone 7" will come in Rose Gold, Silver and Gold color variants.

As for storage, the devices are expected to have 32 gigabyte internal storage out of the box. The "iPhone 7 Plus" and Pro were speculated to arrive in 128 gigabyte and 256 gigabyte options.

'iPhone 7 Pro's" dual camera, reportedly, the multi-lens system will deliver DSLR quality and lossless optical zoom for the gadget.

"iPhone 7's" battery life is said to be better compared to "iPhone 6s" and "6s Plus," along with the possibility of a high screen resolution. And the upcoming device could get a USB-C port, Mac World reported.

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