UFO Hunters Discovers Stone Head From Raw Images Of Mars’ Surface; Challenges NASA's Rover Report [VIDEO]


UFO hunters may have gotten proof for an ancient Roman script which describes an event as a spectacle of ships glared in the sky from 218 BC, the first ever alien sighting recorded in history. At present this event have found its evidence from a present-day UFO hunter exploring the Martian territory through NASA's rover reports.

YouTuber Paranormal Crucible, UFO hunters, claimed to have spotted the head of a Roman statue outlaying among the rocky surface of Mars. Their claims were based from the images taken by NASA rover, Curiosity's Mastcam on Sol 1387 last July 1, 2016.

The UFO hunters shared on their YouTube Channel that the interesting relic found from NASA Curiosity Rover Archive has a very similar design from a Roman statue. They added that even without any enhancement, this relic stands out in the raw image and declared that it was definitely not just a regular rock. The images were left unnoticed for four days until it caught the attention of the UFO hunters, DailyMailUk wrote.

UFO Sightings Daily's Scott C Waring believed that this is a fantastic discovery. He then praised the self-styled paranormal investigation of the UFO hunters for exposing this head to world. However, Waring has expressed a few other suggestions to what this object might be.

The UFO Observation Expert suggest that although it appears to be a head of a statue, it might also be a head of a living being that has been worn out during a war or perhaps, AI robots, Waring shared in UFO Sightings Daily. And just like the fallen king of Mars, the image shows the face is mysteriously not facing but is sideways to the ground it lays upon instead, as if fallen over.

Just recently, Paranormal Crucible claimed to have recognized the skull of a Sasquatch, a giant alien, merely lying on the surface of Mars. The odd object was spotted in images emitted back to Earth by NASA's Curiosity Rover, which has been rolling around on Mars since 2012, , DailyMailUk added.

Watch the full footage below and tell us at the comment boxwhether you agree with the claims of these UFO hunters regarding the raw images on Mars' surface.


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