‘UFO Sighting’ In Ohio: Another Mind-Blowing ‘UFO Sighting;’ Could Recent Sightings Signal Alien Surveillance


The footage has emerged showing up a UFO seemingly hovering over a US military base last Wednesday. The UFO sighting clip shows an obscure object in the skies floating in the air with its end pointed downwards, along with odd markings on the side of the craft. The whole scene was captured by a couple in Dayton, Ohio, while watching the sunset.

The video which has been uploaded to YouTube was also sent to to Secure Team 10, a team of researchers who describe themselves as bringing revelation of the alien phenomenon other phenomena  hidden to the masses. Later on two separate footages of the UFO sighting have also appeared who different sources in the same area.

Tyler Glockner was heard telling in the video that it was the same UFO. For him, there is no doubt in his mind that this is possibly either an alien craft or a very strange drone, which he highly doubts. He also suggested that the object could be from this planet, the Daily Mail reported. However he called it: "A back engineered alien craft that's being tested by some black project over at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base."

He could be referring to the video filmed last near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base ten miles from Dayton. Since 1947, this base has been subject of numerous tales about UFO's and aliens. And between 1947 and 1969, the Air Force listed 12,618 sightings of strange phenomena with 701 of them classed as 'unidentified,' the Daily Mail added

According to the University Herald, UFO sightings have been happening. An online UFO community, UFO Sightings Daily claimed that recently a UFO was caught on the International Space Station live streaming which was eventually cut-off by NASA. There were many other incidents that were left in questions and most of them denied by NASA. However, these occurrences seemingly suggest that there were a strong unidentified presence lurking around.

Aliens or UFOs, NASA denied all these but who knows? What do you think about these incidents? Click here to watch the video.

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