Google Discovers Flaws In Popular Antivirus Software: Cautions Disseminated On Web!


In a recent Google-funded research called Project Zero, a popular antivirus software program was found to have potential flaws and may ironically become a hotspot for malicious entries in the computer! According to the latest report filed by Tavis Ormandy, top Google researcher, the specific popular antivirus software called Symantec Norton, was reported to yield remarkable amount of flaws.

As a direct result, internet security experts are immediately disseminating cautions in the web, CBC News reported.

A whole string of information was strongly published earlier today, InfoWorld reported. The popular antivirus software trusted by consumers shockingly flipsides with the tendency of rather exposing computer devices to malicious traffic.

Days ago, Google was said to have received a tick signifying malicious turns in more than 3 different Norton-labeled antivirus software products in the net. And in the unfolding of the events, it was later realized that it was the Norton-Symantec itself that sent the said information, as embedded in its blog, Realist Investor reported.  

A quick research immediately ensued and as expected, major flaws from the said brand were confirmed. Top researchers in Google tabled significant findings before finally releasing the results, InfoWorld again reported.   

From the observation, the researchers were able to claim that the common antivirus software poses serious vulnerabilities to computer devices.

Simultaneously, IT experts were swift to coin Symantec as a most convenient tool for hackers.

The IT experts and researchers were also quick to back their reports by emphasizing the importance of user interaction process. Thus, in the event that users will be downloading antivirus in the future, they ought to know that programs without the said process can be safely considered faulty.

At all costs, safe antivirus software must condone all forms of 1st phase interactions and must not affect default configuration and other software runs, InfoWorld Newsletters reported.  

Taking internet security awareness to height, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) release a warning campaign to millions of Norton users, US-Cert reported.  

The Project Zero is now sending updates on specific flaws to be addressed in the next course of actions.

As of the moment, users can best preventing imminent hacking by un-installing the said program. That is the best we can do for now, said Ormandy said in CBC News.

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